Edwin M. Salonga

Edwin M. Salonga

Faculty, Ateneo de Manila University

Faculty, University of the Philippines

Chairperson, Social Enterprise Development Partnerships, Inc.

President and CEO, SEDPI Capital Credit, Inc.


Edwin Salonga is a concurrent lecturer at the University of the Philippine’s Master of Management Program and the Ateneo de Manila University’s Development Studies Program. Graduating Cum Laude and proceeding to earn his Master’s Degree in Public Administration both from the University of the Philippines, his expertise lies in organizational development in government and development organizations. He is known among training and mentoring assistance clients of his ability to rally management staff to commit to the attainment of targets. He does this through the provision of tools on how to achieve the targets coupled with motivating incentives schemes that will surely gain institutional buy in. Edwin has also conducted performance appraisals and mentoring assistance for microfinance institutions all over the Philippines.


He is largely responsible in developing training courses for the Ateneo Microfinance Capacity Building Program. He is known among training participants to effectively integrate structured learning experiences and adult learning techniques in his training style. Edwin never fails to be evaluated as an excellent trainer and mentor by his MFI clients both in local and international settings. He integrates market research results on field in trainings in a manner that specific audiences would appreciate. He also pushes the bar further into translating these research results in operational terms offering training participants with practical and readily applicable tools and information to improve organizational performance.


Edwin led the delivery of the Ateneo de Manila’s Diploma Course in Microfinance to the management staff of the Central Bank of Nigeria in Lagos in 2007. Due to the astounding reception of the participants in the training, the Central Bank of Nigeria has made the Diploma in Microfinance an annual program for its management staff. He has also led the delivery of training courses in key cities in the Philippines in partnership with the Bank of the Philippine Islands and the People’s Credit and Finance Corporation. As one participant puts it, one can never have enough of Edwin’s training delivery.

To keep him posted on the recent issues and trends in microfinance, Edwin regularly attends conferences and seminars in Europe, the United States of America and Indonesia.