Mariel Vincent A. Rapisura

Mariel Vincent A. Rapisura

Faculty, Ateneo de Manila University

Program Manager, Ateneo Microfinance Capacity Building Program

President and CEO, Social Enterprise Development Partnerships, Inc.

Chairperson, SEDPI Capital Credit, Inc.

Starting a career in microfinance soon after he graduated, Vince has gained considerable experience in microfinance having worked on this field in 15 countries aside from the Philippines. He spearheaded the development and delivery of the Ateneo de Manila University’s Microfinance Diploma Course. The diploma course has attracted participants from Asia, Africa and Latin America.


Vince is well known to turn around the performance of ailing microfinance institutions and create market niches for those that are struggling with competition. He specializes in designing capacity building interventions and strategies on how struggling MFIs can achieve microfinance financial performance standards. He has also assisted several organizations access funds both from donors and commercial sources in the local and international markets.


Among his notable achievements include increasing the portfolio of the Foundation for a Sustainable Society, Inc.’s microfinance program sevenfold from PhP16 million to PhP134 million in 18 months and at the same time improving its portfolio at risk from 54% to 0%; bringing the financial performance of the Agricultural and Rural Development for Catanduanes, Inc.’s from four years of consecutive net losses to robust profitability; and increasing the client base of Progressive Bank, Inc. from 14,000 to 21,000 in nine months through financial product innovation.


Vince is a product of the Ateneo de Manila University and the Asian Institute of Management. He has also been trained in the Netherlands and the United States of America on microenterprise development and rural finance. Vince is a faculty member of the Development Studies Program of the Ateneo de Manila University and teaches social entrepreneurship and microfinance.